The RPM Development System

Our Development System provides a metric for each student’s progress and ensures that all of our students are progressing at a safe rate and are attending classes that are suitable for their skill level and strength. The system is based on a number of levels that correspond to different bands.

To receive a band, students must fulfill the requirements of that band to the satisfaction of the coach, (or as we call them, the Movement Mentor). Most Bands will be determined by the attendance of a participant, their athletic capability, and passing a Band Challenge either privately or when a public evaluation is offered.

Coaches will always give feedback to students after their athletic testing and evaluation to ensure participants know what techniques they should be working on.

Students must complete a physical evaluation which they can ask for from a coach at any time. If they successfully complete this test, it will be noted on their profile in the system.

Level 1&2: Yellow Bands

These Yellow Bands are the first bands that you’ll receive when you join Red Path Movement, they represent that you are just beginning in our gym and that you’re still establishing many of the basics of parkour. This Band also mean that you may only attend Yellow level classes.

Eagle Band

The Eagle band represents the beginning, you’ve made the decision to enter a journey to develop your self physically, emotional, mentally, and spiritually. You’ll begin learning the basics of Parkour and the beginnings of the medicine wheel.

Requirements to receive this band:

  • Attend the Intro class
  • Attend a total of two Level 1 Classes

Perks of this band:

  • Can now attend Open Gym
  • Can practice Level 1 movements from your classes

Fire Band

The Fire band represents the Progress a student has made since beginning their journey. They’ve begun to have a more comprehensive understanding of the basic and the standards of the gym. They’ll continue to work and improve on their basics, as well as expanding on their knowledge of the medicine wheel.

Requirements to receive this band:

Perks of this band:

  • Considered a Senior student in the Yellow band classes
  • Can climb higher then their head in open gym
  • All previous perks

Level 3&4: Red Bands

These students have gotten to a point where they are beginning to practice much more advanced techniques; rolls from heights & hard surfaces, vaulting onto & over obstacles, and beginning to study aerial awareness and inversion development. Having these bands means that students should start attending intermediate & advanced classes, our Red Band classes.

Wolf Band

The Wolf Band is a testament to the dedication and effort you’ve put in to develop into a capable mover! You’ve gained a good grasp on the basics of parkour and are well on your way to working towards more advanced techniques and skills. You’ll begin working on more advanced techniques and strengthening your body to become resilient, capable of pushing your own personal boundaries.

Requirements to receive this band:

Perks of this band:

  • Can begin working rotations and inversions in Open Gym
  • May practice on green bars without spotting
  • Will be considered for volunteering and assisted coaching
  • All previous perks

Water Band

Having a Water band proves you’re willing to push to the next level, you’ve shown that you have the strength and skill to begin working on much more advanced techniques. At this Band you’ll begin to work fluidity with your movement by developing Line. You’ll also begin work on your Air Awareness which mean that you begin to work on Rotations and inversions in classes.

Requirements to receive this band:

Perks of this band:

  • Now considered a senior in Red Band Classes
  • Can begin practising advanced parkour and freerunning techniques
  • All previous perks

Level 5&6: Black Bands

Black Bands demonstrate a students commitment to there Parkour practice, and there pursuit of development towards higher level techniques and skills. These participants are considered to be senior students, becoming much more self sufficient in training, and are considered as the represent our gym and what it means to be apart of Red Path Movement.

Bear Band

Obtaining a Bear Band marks the beginning of a student’s advanced training. They will now begin to develop their own training regimen with assistance from coaches. This is also a point where students should begin to consider what category of Parkour they would like to focus on (Skill, Speed, or Style).

Requirements to receive this band:

Perks of this band:

These students are considered senior students in our gym space, and may request to volunteer, participate in advance level workshops & programs. At this level we will provide programming to educate students on the basics of coaching, and these students will eventually be able to apply for a paid coaching position.