Why call our instructors Movement Mentors you ask? At Red Path Movement, our mentors offer more than just Parkour instruction. Mentorship is a much more personal experience for learning parkour, utilizing experiential learning techniques to teach both parkour skills and life skills. Our Mentors are willing to go above and beyond for our participants!

Mateus Dachwitz – Movement Mentor

Given First Nations Name: Kemana (Eagle-Man)

  • A young entrepreneur with a vision
  • Started coaching Parkour 8 years ago
  • Trained as an experiential educator
  • I began my adventure as a leader for PK Nakusp while in high school, which provided the opportunity to move towards my dreams – providing young coaches with income; bringing Parkour to other communities in the West Kootenays; and building the first Parkour gym, in Nelson
  • Participated in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and then became a Junior staffer providing leadership and mentoring for upcoming youth leaders
  • I love moving and jumping around, constantly seeking challenge in life, dancing to loud music when no one is watching, but if you see me, hopefully you’ll join in, long bubble baths, sometimes just being a bit weird and nerdy, and walking my sacred hoop
  • I enjoy family time, playing games with a mental challenge – like chess, and playing video games when I need to chill
  • Some of my goals are: owning and operating a Parkour gym; coaching in as many communities in the Kootenays as possible; visiting every continent; and running in a Tough Mudder race







Michael Garvey – Advisor and Movement Mentor

First Nations Name: Sunkmanitu (Big Coyote)

  • Member of the Cayuga Nation
  • 28 years as a fitness instructor
  • Competitor for 2 years in National Aerobic Championships in mixed pairs
  • 21 years as a family, youth and addictions counsellor
  • Erickson International trained life coach
  • Trained as an experiential educator
  • Started Parkour in Nakusp off the side of my desk as a youth counsellor with an inspired youth 6 years ago
  • Currently proud to be working for the Circle of Indigenous Nations (COINS) under mental health and addictions, the aboriginal family services development program and an amazing group of people
  • Other non-Parkour movement related stuff – trained and worked as a baker for 6 years, ran a windmill at Heritage Park in Calgary Alberta many moons ago, was a cabinet maker on an assembly line and a stationary clerk for Alberta Treasury Branch
  • I love to: play with my 3 labs; all kinds of music; home; movement – Parkour specifically; minds that like to explore the inner world; a passion for people with a passion; work with young people to achieve their dreams; take pictures; and stay active in my own personal development, self-discovery and healing