Finding our Image: History of our Logo and Name.

By   July 11, 2018

Okay so this has been long overdue… Honestly I should have made a post like 2 years ago around when we first opened up, but of course I got caught up in the chaotic storm that is my business and life, coaching Parkour. Since I’ve begun getting a handle on doing this whole business thing I figured I would make our first blog post.

I wanted to dedicate this post to our image, aka our logo and our name and how that evolved for us over the past 8 years Michael and I have been coaching Parkour. As some of you may know, our original programming was called Parkour Nakusp, which was started by a group of youth in Nakusp, B.C. acting as a youth drug and alcohol outreach program. You can see an image of it below.

Parkour Nakusp

The Image was designed by a local Nakusp Secondary School student who was happy to make the logo as he enjoyed group and activity. It should be noted that at this time I had just started practicing parkour and became a youth leader as a part of the group. The logo its-self represent how Parkour was a very creative and movement-oriented activity that we were all proud to be doing! This was how the logo would be for the first 4 years of the programming. When I came back from University, Michael and I had decided that Parkour Nakusp could be more than a program, and it could become a self-sufficient, self-sustaining organization.

After almost a half a year of discussion, we decided on a new logo and name, we referred to ourselves as Kootenay Parkour & Development, replaced our old logo with one that my now Fiancรจ and I had designed together.

Kootenay Parkour & Development


We went with the idea of a Smiling eagle decorated with the medicine wheel colours. The eagle represented the thought that in Parkour we are learning to fly and changing our vision to that of and eagle that looks above, seeing all opportunities around it. We thought that an eagles vision would also be similar to the idea of parkour vision (which is something many practitioners gain while practicing this activity). As for the name we decided that If we stated that we taught Parkour in the Kootenays that it would be clear in the name. As we emphasize using experiential education in our coaching, we felt stating development would indicate that you are getting more than just physical development from this practice. It did seem to fit for us for quite some time, we stuck with this name and logo for 2 year as we provided Parkour workshops and classes throughout the Kootenays.

It was good but as we began to shift into an idea of opening a single gym space we began to realize that we had to have a simpler design, and a name that had even greater meaning to ourselves. It was a big decision for us but in the end, we agreed that we needed a new name for the new age our organization (now business) would be known and recognized as. That brings us to our current image & name:

Original Red Path Movement

Current Red Path Movement logo










I spent about a month designing and developing this logo because I knew how important it would be to the future of our organization, as you can see it is simply a footprint surrounded by a Medicine Wheel, but each of those aspects are extremely important to our organization. The foot represents multiple aspects, moving forward but being able to see the steps you had taken before, a foot being an important part of our body for moving, and most importantly taking the first step in Parkour. As for the Medicine Wheel, we both agreed that when our participants are training in our classes, they develop their Spirit, Emotions, Body, and Mind, 4 aspects of the Medicine Wheel that must be continually practiced and develop to not only become a strong athlete, but a stronger person as well.

Then there’s our name, Red Path Movement, which we decided upon based on the concept of the Red Road, which is a modern term inspired by teachings found in indigenous American cultures. The Red Road is considered a narrow and difficult path, one filled with many obstacles and challenges, but it is the good path that provides truths and understanding about the world around us. Our organization always seeks and walks this path, we move along it. Michael and I honestly believe that our organization, using Parkour as a catalyst, can guide people along a red road to a more satisfying life lived.


Note from the author:

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post on the website. It was difficult to find a topic to write on but this is something that has a lot of meaning to me and I wanted to share a bit about our reasons behind our logo and how we’ve developed it as our organization matured. If you see any grammar or spelling issues, leave a comment and let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m very new to blogging so I appreciate the help!

Mateus Dachwitz

Owner & Head Coach

Red Path Movement

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    Good artical ,should finish with your current logo or is the foot your current logo?

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