Our History


It brings us a lot of pride to be able to say that we have provided the longest ongoing Parkour program in the West Kootenays, having provided Parkour lessons throughout the region for the past 8 years. Although our name and form have changed over time, the two individuals behind it have been there from the get go.

Our programming began in Nakusp when we were known as PK Nakusp, which was started as a youth leadership & outreach program headed by a group of youth and Michael Garvey, at the time a Freedom Quest youth counsellor, who saw a lot of potential for youth in this new activity. Once the program began, it lit a spark in many youth.

One of those inspired youth was Mateus Dachwitz, who became a junior leader in the program after a few months, and then a senior leader in just a year. Mateus, along with Michael, would continue to run the small program from 2010 to 2012. In 2012, Mateus Graduated and left to attend the University of Calgary for one year, also working part-time at No Limits AFC, (a Parkour gym in Calgary at the time).

While Mateus was away in Calgary, Michael continued running the program until the summer of 2013, when Mateus moved back to Nakusp to pursue his true passion. After a fair bit of discussion between the two, they began the process of re-establishing their beloved program as a business and began running classes through Selkirk College, providing classes to Nakusp, New Denver and Nelson, as well as small workshops in other West Kootenay Communities.

In the Fall of 2015, Michael and Mateus were asked by C.O.I.N, (the Circle of Indigenous Nations) to do a demonstration of Parkour and were invited to develop a method of teaching the art form using the perspective and teachings of the Medicine Wheel. Combining Mateus’ expertise in Parkour Coaching, Leadership, and Experiential Education and Michael’s Indigenous background and counselling experience, they developed a method of teaching parkour using the Medicine Wheel.

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In early 2016, Michael and Mateus decided it was time to make a big change, and decided to redefine their programming and business. They looked to the community to raise enough money to begin a gym in Nelson, B.C. that would eventually be known as Red Path Movement, a gym dedicated to Coaching Parkour using a method that incorporates Medicine Wheel teachings, (specifically the Métis medicine wheel use by C.O.I.N). In September of 2016, Mateus and Michael opened up Red Path Movement, renting a space within the Nelson Boxing & Athletics Club. They have now been running regular programming there for the past two years.