Volunteer Program


  • Must be 14 or older
  • Must have attended classes weekly for 3 months (unless illness, or family matters come up)
  • Must have a red band or higher
  • Needs to have a core understanding of the Medicine Wheel
  • A criminal record check is required for adult volunteers
  • If a volunteer wishes to terminate for any reason, we ask for 2 weeks notice along with a letter
  • Volunteers who wish to progress through the system need to keep a log of hours which need to be signed by Mateus or Mike


  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Develop solid leadership skills
  • Have the opportunity to become connected with the larger Parkour community
  • Have opportunities to train privately with our coaches and other volunteers
  • May lead to a paid coaching position in our gym

Tiers of Volunteer

  • Junior Volunteers (15% discount on membership, 10% on Merchandise)
    • Must Volunteer minimum 3 hours a week
    • Volunteers are responsible for supervising Opens Jams with Senior Volunteers
    • Volunteers Assist Sr. Volunteers with Clean up after Open jams and classes.
    • Must complete 100 hours of Jr. Volunteer time before applying for a Sr. Volunteer Position.
  • Senior Volunteer (25% discount on membership, 15% on Merchandise)
    • Must Volunteer Minimum of 5 hours a week
    • Volunteers are responsible for supervising Open Jams
    • Volunteer will lead Jr. Volunteers in Clean up after Open Jams and Classes.
    • Must complete 250hours of Sr. Volunteer time before applying for a coaching position.
      • 100 hours, of the 250 hours, must be spent shadowing/assisting in classes taught by Mateus or Mike.