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* Please note that we have a limit of 15 participants for each of our classes. We are now encouraging everyone attending busy classes to pre-register and consider Membership. Drop in and 5-Class Pass participants cannot be guaranteed a spot in all classes.

Give Mateus a call at: (250) 265-1577 to set up pre-registration.

Adult Parkour (Ages 16+)

Are you tired of the Mundane? Then consider joining us and scaling out of the norm. Work on strength training, building resilience, and developing fluid Parkour skill. Classes involve the medicine wheel to discuss concepts of the wheel and how they apply to our training in class and outside of class. These classes are a tremendous opportunity to stay fit and focused while developing leadership resiliency and purpose. We are currently doing private lessons for adults at the drop in price until we have a regular class going! Contact Mateus at (250) 265-1577 or to set up a private lesson.

Teen Parkour (Ages 12-15)

Parkour is a great alternative physical activity for youth who don’t find any interest in traditional activities such as hockey and soccer, but it can also be a great cross training for those sports. We often hear about youth who enjoy climbing and jumping on public property, and we are happy to address these actions in class and have students reflect using teachings from parkour and the Medicine Wheel. These classes are a great way for teens to stay active and healthy, and also to challenge them to reflect more on what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Kids (Ages 6-8) & Youth (Ages 9-11) Parkour

Kids already love to jump around and play about, why not have them do it somewhere safe? At RPM we believe that play and movement are key in developing children’s critical thinking and social skills. The way we move in our environment says a lot and we want to help develop the movement kids already have, and to ensure that they don’t lose there mobility, flexibility & strength. As they progress in this class, they’ll learn how to play safely in any environment.


Open Gym (All Age/Kids & Youth/Teen/Adult)

Open gym is a great place for participant to practice the skills they’ve been working on in classes, or meeting others who share the same passion for movement and parkour. Open Gym is supervised by a coach and participants are required to have a band to participate, the bands allow our coaches to determine whether or not a student is ready to be practising certain movements during the Open Gym. Open Gym is available once a participant has attended 3 Level 1 Classes and has received their first Band.

KinderManoeuvres (Ages 4-5)

(Class limit: 10)

This class is for kids who are kindergarten age. In this class, obstacle courses will be used to improve balance, coordination and spatial awareness. The courses are designed to develop strength and motor skills, and will help prepare them for our Kids Parkour classes.

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