Private Sessions

1on1 session

Do you want to push your limits, go the extra mile, and become the warrior you were meant to be? Private coaching is for a participant who desires to improve their athletic skills, or become stronger and mobile. You’ll get the personal experience with your choice of coach who will work with you in private sessions.

If you’re interested in stepping up and taking on an entirely different experience, feel free to CONNECT with us so that we can put you on the path to becoming a RPM Warrior.

Group session

Whether you’re apart of a business team, sports team, classroom, or any close nit group, we have an experience for you. If you’re looking to improve communication, teamwork, and internal group dynamics, then this would be ideal for your group. Experiences are designed for the group, so every experience is unique. We also utilize the Medicine Wheel as a reflection tool, providing a focal point for individuals to maximize their experience.

If your interested in providing you’re group with a specialized experience, we’ll work with you to determine and create the best experience for the group. Parkour does not necessarily be part of this experience.

If you’re interested in providing a Adventure for your group, be sure to CONNECT with us for pricing and more info.

We also offer Parkour Birthday Parties on Sundays, learn more here.