Red Path Movement Presents: Nerf Night

It’s officially happening! At Nerf Nights, we run a mini tournament where teams combine Nerf skills with Parkour skills to become the top team and claim the Golden Nerf Gun! A maximum of 8 teams may attend and the event is drop in as always, so first come first serve. Teams of four Nerf warriors enter with their entry fee and can rent Nerf weapons for $2.50 each. For dates be sure to check out the events schedule on Workshops, Camps & Events Page.

Entry Fee: $10 per Team

Rental fee: $2.50 for a Nerf weapon

The Objective

Each team has a total of 10 lives shared amongst the team, not individually. Teams have 10 minutes to try to take away the other teams 10 lives. There are 2 win conditions, if your team has the most lives by the end, or if you have eliminated the other teams’ lives.

Honour Rules

Cheating. This rule should go without saying, but it bears repeating: no cheating! Cheating ruins the fun and sport of the game for every player, so don’t cheat. It sounds cheesy, but you’re only cheating yourself out of a fun experience. If you are caught cheating your team will be immediately disqualified.

Arguing. No arguing. Arguing about whether you were hit brings the game to stop and ruins the flow and fun for everyone. You came to take part in a Nerf war, not join a debate club. The referee has final say and will determine who is hit.

Safety Rules

  1. No intentional face shots. Eye protection is mandatory during battle.
  2. No physical contact with other players. No pushing or hitting. No wrestling weapons away from people.
  3. When striking with a melee weapon, only tap the opponent.

General Rules

  1. Participants may use Nerf blasters only. No modified Nerf blasters either.
  2. Participants may only use our provided darts during battle, no outside darts to avoid confusion and ensure that we get all of ours back.
  3. When a referee calls a timeout, (indicated by blowing a whistle), stop firing immediately.
  4. Do not throw or drop blasters; they break easily.
  5. Do not deliberately throw or shoot anything that outside the boundaries.
  6. You may not loot Nerf Weapons, you may do so with ammunition but please return Nerf darts.

Combat Rules

  1. When hit by a Nerf dart, you must return to your home square and mark 1 life lost for your team, then you may re-enter.
  2. Do not start the battle until the main whistle blows.
  3. Listen for the end-of-battle whistle (2 blows of the whistle).
  4. If your team is at 0 lives and you are shot, you are considered eliminated and must leave the combat area immediately to avoid confusion.
  5. There is no friendly fire. Shooting allies on purpose or accidentally does not count as a hit.

Team & Player Rules

  1. You can have anywhere from 1-4 players on each team.
  2. Players can have; 2 small guns (1-5 Nerf Bullets) or 1 Medium gun (6-12 bullets).
  3. Teams can have 1 Heavy Gun (13+ Nerf Bullets) (Nerf Guns may be tested by ref to determine if there is a special exceptions for heavy weapons)