Medicine Wheel


Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel is a way to approach life with healthy and strong habits. It represents all of creation, harmony and connections. The Sacred Hoop is a symbol of peaceful interaction, all races of people, the directions, cycles of nature and life, and seasons.

The basic Medicine Wheel of the Four Directions can be expanded to include other wheels. The wheels within wheels are used to explain and examine things that involves leading a person to wholeness.

  • East: It all begins here. The east represents our spirit, and taking the leap the faith.

  • South: This direction relates to our emotions and feelings, understand what they do for us and how they strengthen us.

  • West: West represents our body. It encourages us to respect, nourish, and exercise our physical body.

  • North: Mind is connected to the North. As we develop we increase our capacity to stop and think. We have learned much on our journey.

You’ll learn more about the medicine wheel as you attend classes, expanding your understanding and learning more then you may expect.